About Basketball Master & skills

About Basketball Master & skills

Hi everyone and welcome to my Basketball master & skills website. Basketball has been a passion of mine since I was very young. Over the years I have purchased numerous products in the basketball world to try to improve my skill set as well as athleticism.

Being a kid from united kingdom with a limited opportunity in terms of court time, I was oftentimes looking for alternatives to help me get better at basketball. This usually came in the form of using my garden for dribbling a basketball for hours on end.

Now I would like to help you!

over the years I’ve learned a lot about shooting,dribbling and more to help you improve your speed and endurance… and I want to offer some insight into many of these as well as provide you with updated tips and techniques that the real pros are using these days.

A Little Story About My Basketball Life


Growing up I was always a little smaller than everyone else. In fact when I graduated year 13 I was only 5ft 7in. In a sport where height matters I always felt I had to work a little harder and do whatever it took to gain that extra edge on the competition.

As you all know  being in the UK meant that basketball isn’t really a thing so it was way more difficult for me to be scouted.

So how you perform and how your skill set of all this is critical to this?

I literally used to spend hours in my garden dribbling a basketball, practicing dribble techniques that I learned from videos, emulating some of my heroes in basketball and these included Penney Hardaway, Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson.

I would also spend hours working on drills to improve my vertical leaps. I bought just about every product and every manual made out of time to improve this. There are obviously genetic limitations to your overall success, but when you follow stories like Steve Nash, you realize that anything can be overcome and that good work ethic and hard work can truly lead to your success in basketball just as it can in anything in life.

The Game Has Changed

The basketball world has gone from state of height being the most critical element to successful tam, to a 3 point shooting skill being the most critical element. You don’t see seven footers coming into NBA any longer that can’t shoot and you definitely don’t see one guards that can’t hit a three pointer at a very high percentage.

Different positions require different skill sets and different body types, but ultimately the core and the fundamental of all success in basketball these days is hinged on the ability to shoot the basketball, dribbling skills, speed, agility, and endurance. In essence, I think it has gone back to its roots.

Much of the content that i’m going to be discussing here id going to be centered around improving your skill set, with an undying focus always being on shooting skills, speed in which you can release your shot, and how are you can properly set up a shot to be open.

The game has changed and so does the way you need to develop your skills.

They say Perfect Practice, Leads to Perfection

There is no point practicing if you’re going the wrong way and your not being productive using the the allotted time that you have. A lot can be accomplished in an hour or two sitting at the gym with the right motivation and the right drills, skills and exercises.

This can lead to a better shot, more skill, better defense, and ultimately more playing time on the court.

So have a look around and if you ever have anything to share in respect to building your own basketball skills, I would love to hear it.

To your jump shot and breaking ankles,

James Harrington


Founder of basketball master & skills.com


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