Basketball Passing Drills For Coaches part 4

Basketball Passing Drills For Coaches part 4

This drill will be focusing on passing drills for coaches. This post will be the fourth one out of a series I am starting. As a coach you should be able to change some of these drills so that it can better suityour student, cater their skill level for example or age. As of right now just enjoy this post and make sure to soak in all the information that is presented in here.

Variable & Interleaving Passing Drills (No Defense)


Fast Break “Pass and Replace” Drill


“Pass and Replace” is a terrific multi-purpose basketball drill that will help players improve their passing, pivoting, finishing and is a great conditioner as well.


  1. Position 4 players on the sides of the court, approximately 28′ from each endline. There should be a player on both sides of the court and on each half of the court.
  2. The rest of the team should be equally divided and in a line under each basket.
  3. There should be a ball in each line.







  • The drill starts with the players with the balls passing, to the right, to the player at the 28′ marker.
  • The passer then sprints to replace the player he passed to.



  • The receiver pivots and passes to the next player at the 28′ marker on the other half of the court.
  • The passer then sprints to replace the player he passed to.



  • The receiver pivots and drives to the basket and tries to score on a 1 dribble lay-up.
  • The same action works on the other side of the court at the same time.






The next player in the line under the basket grabs the rebound, passes to the next player on the 28′ marker and starts the action again.


We run this drill for 5 minutes with a goal of 100 made lay-ups. Each time we make the goal, we increase the goal by 4 made lay-ups. The drill can be run for more or less time and you can add a third or even a fourth ball. Adjust your goal appropriately.

You can improve the effectiveness of the drill by using particular passes (overhead, bounce, etc.) and pivots (drop step, front pivot, etc.) and direction of turn (inside, outside). You can use one set (overhead pass, drop step pivot, outside turn) for the whole drill or you can actually change one or more of the elements each minute.

Four Corner Pass and Pivot Drill

The following drill works on your players’ passing and receiving skills as well as teaching how to pivot properly. The four corner pivot passing drill, diagramed below, should be run at half speed to begin with, eventually getting into full speed as your players become accustomed to the positions and rotations.


Step 1:

The drill begins with players lining up in four lines, two lines at the baseline and two on the sideline extended from the top of the three point line. The players in the front of the lines will begin with a basketball (as represented by the four players with a circle around them on the right).

All four players with the ball will dribble with their right hand only to the center of the key.




Step 2:

When the players get to the key they will jump stop and pivot on their right foot and step through with their left foot.

All four players will make a chest pass to the line that is now in front of them (1 will pass to 2, 2 will pass to 3, 3 will pass to 4 & 4 will pass to 1, as shown to the right). The players will be passing to the corner in a counter clockwise rotation.

The player receiving the basketball should step into the pass to meet the ball in a triple threat position.

To work on team communication, the players passing the ball should yell out the name of the player they are passing to.



Step 3:

After making the pass, all four players will sprint to the back of the line that they just passed to.

As your players learn the proper rotation, encourage them to sprint as hard as they can. This will work on your team′s conditioning and will keep the drill in constant motion.





Step 4:

The drill then restarts from the beginning and repeats the same steps from above. The four players that are now in the front of the line dribble to the center of the key and jump stop before pivoting on their right foot and passing to the next line.

This drill can be run in the opposite direction, with the players dribbling with their left hand, pivoting on their left foot and stepping through with their right foot. They will now pass to the player in a clockwise rotation.


To progress the drill, you can teach your players how to reverse pivot and have them incorporate the reverse pivot into the passing scheme. Similar to the steps above, the drill will be run with a right handed dribble, a reverse pivot on the right foot and a pass to the player in a counter clockwise rotation. The drill can also be run with a left handed dribble, a reverse pivot on the left foot and a pass to the player in a clockwise rotation.

This drill works great in practice as well as during pre-game warm ups. It also works on teaching young kids how to pivot, which can be a lost skill for many basketball players.


In summary, I hope you have enjoyed this drill and make sure to stay tuned for more informative drills from this series. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below, I will happily answer them. Also, if you have any things that you think should be added to this post I will try my best to improve on it;) Lastly add up the socials and receive updates on when I am dropping a post or something in the shop and generally anything about basketball.

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