Basketball Team Shooting Drills for Coaches part 7

Basketball Team Shooting Drills for Coaches part 7

This drill will be focusing on Team Shooting Drills for coaches. This post will be the seventh one out of a series I started and the last of this series. As a coach you should be able to change some of these drills so that it can better suit your student, cater their skill level for example or age. As of right now just enjoy this post and make sure to soak in all the information that is presented in here.

Random Practice & Game-Based Shooting Drills with Defenders


Competitive 1 on 1 Shooting Drill

This drill teaches players how to attack a down screen using a curl cut or fade cut.

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Basketball Pick and Roll Drills

Pick and Roll Drill #1

This is a simple, yet critical pick and roll shooting drill that will ensure that you practice game-like shots. Make sure to emphasize proper execution on all of the pick and roll fundamentals.

You will have 2 lines with a coach on the wing. If you have enough players, you can form a 3rd line on the wing with players as well.

1 has a basketball on the wing.

2 cuts from the top and sets a ball screen for 1.

1 executes one of the ball handler options off of the ball screen and shoots.

2 executes one of the screener options off of the ball screen. 2 shoots when the pass is received from the coach.

You can designate ball handler and screener options off of the ball screen or let them choose.

For example, you might say “Ball handler turns down ball screen. Screener executes the pick and pop.”


Pick and Roll Drill #2

This is a 2v2 pick and roll drill where our offense will get game-like repetitions and your defense will be challenged. This is a great defensive drill because it makes the defense guard the pick and roll without help defense.



The locations can vary, but in the example to the right, you start with a ball handler on the wing and the screener on the opposite wing / elbow area.

2 sets a ball screen for 1. As soon as 2 cuts to set the screen for 1, the game is live. Players can continue to set ball screens or cut until they score or a change of possession occurs.

You can play to a certain number of points. Playing to 2 or 3 keeps the games intense and quick.

You can also play make-it, take-it or anything else that you think would benefit the team.

Pick and Roll Drill #3

This is a progression to the 2v2 pick and roll drill above.

It is very similar, except now you have added a 3rd offensive player and 3rd defensive player. This will make things more difficult for the offense. At the same time, you get to work on your defensive help rotations.

When dribbling off of the pick, you will have to decide whether to attack the rim, hit to the weakside player, or look for the screener.

Half Court 3 v 2 + 1 – Multipurpose Drill

3 v 2 + 1 is a very effective small sided game that improves numerous skills, team offense, and team defense.  The specific area you improve depends on what you choose to emphasize during the drill. From an offensive standpoint, this drill can improve:
  • Shooting
  • Lay ups / finishing
  • Decision making
  • Passing
  • Spacing
  • Dribble drive movement

On the defensive end, this drill can improve:

  • Close outs (the “+1” aspect creates lots of close outs)
  • Communication
  • Help defense
  • Defensive rotations
  • Boxing out
  • On ball defense
  • Contesting shots
Drill Instructions The game is simple:  Play 3v3 half court with the coach initiating the action by passing to one of the offensive players (the player defending that person has to move outside 3pt line).   So you’ll need two teams… (3 on each team).  Start with offensive players spaced outside the 3pt line.  Defensive players match up.

Frame 1

The coach has a ball.  The drill starts when the coach passes the ball to 1, 2, or 3.   The person guarding the player with the ball must get two feet outside the 3pt arc before they can defend.  So if coach passes to 3, then X3 must move outside the 3pt arc and then start defending. This creates a momentary 3v2 advantage for the offense.   The momentary advantage creates numerous teaching and skill development opportunities.   Change possessions on made shots and defensive stops (turnovers or rebounds).   Additional Rule: The offense can only shoot lay ups and 3pt shots. We add this rule (lay ups and 3s only) because it creates more passes, more outside shots, and gets players moving how we want in an actual 5v5 game (a real game has less space and more defenders on the court).

Frame 2

By playing 3v2 (a small sided game) players get far more passing, shooting, and decision making opportunities than in a 5v5 game.  This is an excellent shooting drill that closely mimics how you will shoot in a real game.   I can’t tell you how effective this drill is when it comes to improving shooting, passing, decision making, defense and offense.   However to get those results, it’s important for coaches to “teach” and emphasize the following aspects… Coaching Points of Emphasis During this drill, coaches should emphasize the following:
  • Close out fundamentals (for us that includes talk, sprint, chop feet, 1 hand up, then 2 hands out with wide defensive stance).
  • Call out the shot and box out on every shot.
  • If you have a lay up on the dribble drive, take that first (decision making on the drive).
  • Accurate passes — hit your teammate in the numbers so they can catch and shoot in rhythm.
  • Offensive players off the ball, move to open windows (passing lanes) and force long close during the dribble drive.  We want to force the defense to run as far as possible on close outs, yet stay in our shooting range.  Too often players will compress to the ball instead of staying spaced during the dribble drive.
  • Communicate constantly on defense… scramble as needed to get the ball stopped and contest all shots.


In summary, I hope you have enjoyed this drill and make sure to stay tuned for more informative drills. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below, I will happily answer them. Also, if you have any things that you think should be added to this post I will try my best to improve on it;) Lastly add up the socials and receive updates on when I am dropping a post or something in the shop and generally anything about basketball.

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